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Noukou Sweet CD


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Yune Sakurai’s first CD single. This CD is only available at live events and on Yune’s web pages, so it will be a rare addition to your collection.
Each copy ordered comes with a bonus photograph of Yune (chosen at random from several different shots).

Special offer: Buy 3 CDs and you also get one free signed polaroid photograph taken by Yune this Christmas (this is called a jidori cheki) – see the picture above. Hurry, there are only a few available and this special offer only lasts until they run out!


Track List

  1. Noukou Sweet
  2. Are you ready? I’m ready!!
  3. Noukou Sweet (instrumental)
  4. Are you ready? I’m ready!! (instrumental)

Additional information

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Dimensions12.5 × 14.3 × 1 cm