Yune releases her second single on February 23rd 2019. It’s called “Sweet Sweet My Candy / Making Smile”. Two classic idol songs written by the same composer used by Miyuki Watanabe (from AKB48, SKE48 and NMB48)!

The song is the theme for a mobile game called Sokubaku Kanojo. The game is a manga-inspired game where the story and characters are gradually revealed as you progress. Each character in the game has an real life idol “ambassador”. Yune is the ambassador for the main character when she was young. Yune’s song will also be used in the film Ta-Doryoku The Movie.

This single will be getting a wide release and you can order it from major retailers. The easiest way to order in English is at CDJapan. Alternatively you can use Amazon JP (scroll to the bottom to change language). Also vailable for streaming on Google, Amazon, Spotify and iTunes.

Track List

  1. Sweet Sweeet My Candy
  2. Making Smile
  3. Sweet Sweeet My Candy (instrumental)
  4. Making Smile (instrumental)

Price: 1000 yen

There are going to be more live events for the game where the various real life idol ambassadors will perform on stage. The first one will be on January 31st, this site will keep you updated with more as they are announced.


The characters from the game Sokubaku Kanojo



Yune is ambassador for “Mirei Tachibana”, the main character when she was young.