Yune at a photoshootUpdated model list & deadline.

Yune will appear at a photoshoot on March 30th in Ashigakubo, Saitama, 90 minutes north of Tokyo. The shoot will be in an old wooden school in a mountainside rural location, which will make for some great moody shots with a really Japanese feel. We usually post upcoming events at the start of each month, but the deadline for this shoot is imminent so we’ll put the details here in advance. If you’re in Japan on this day this would be an extremely rare opportunity. You have until Monday 25th February to apply for this shoot.

16 young models will appear at this photoshoot, including Yune’s guitar playing friend Yun, and popular twins Hana/Momo. Have a look at the full lineup on the official shoot page (Japanese). The models will change costume for each session, expect school uniforms and traditional dress as well as some of their favourite plain clothes.

Each model will appear in five 50 minute sessions, labelled A to E. These are solo shoots – you choose one model and which of her sessions you wish to attend. All models except Yune will also appear in a shorter 30 minute session F. In addition there is a group session S, where all models will appear.


Ashigakubo - photoshoot location
Photoshoot location

Saturday 30th March 2019

A 10: 00-10: 50
B 11: 00-11: 50
C 13: 00-13: 50
D 14: 00-14: 50
E 15: 00-15 : 50
F 16: 00-16: 30
S 12: 00-12: 30

Application / Prices
A to E sessions: 8000 or 9000 yen each session, depending on the model. See prices in the full lineup.
F session: 4000 or 5000 yen, depending on the model you choose. See prices in the full lineup.
S group session: 3000 yen

Ashigakubo school
Photoshoot location

To apply you need to send a Direct Message to the Twitter account @PetitBear1
In the message write:

1. Full name
2. Nickname
3. Telephone number (add an international dialing code with the + if necessary)
4. The model(s) you wish to take pictures of (get their Japanese names from the lineup page above their pictures)
5. Which sessions you wish to attend
E.g. for 4 & 5 you could write:    櫻井佑音 : B,    小杉ゆん: C,      みんな: S
This example is Yune for session B, Yun for session C and also the group session S (みんな means “everyone”). It would cost 21000 yen.

You will get a reply shortly after applying. If there are many applicants you may not get your choice and may be offered other sessions. Be prepared to (google) translate the reply. If the shoot fills up you may not be able to attend at all. However, this is a rare kind of photoshoot so it’s worth a try.


Check the reply for location details. However, the expected location is the school in Ashigakubo (map). Take the Seibu Ikebukuro Line from Ikebukuro in Tokyo to Hanno, then the Chichibu Line towards Seibu-Chichibu, and get off at Ashigakubo. Ask staff at each station to ensure you get on the correct train. The school is opposite the train station. It should be a picturesque journey.


You can only take pictures, not movies. You cannot take instax type pictures.
Never touch the models, even to show them how to pose. Don’t ask for inappropriate or dangerous poses (e.g. sitting in an open window).
You can talk to the models and it can make it more fun for them. However, don’t ask for personal information.
In a group shooting situation, only the person at the front can use flash.

Yune's friend Yun
Yune’s friend, Yun

Well known model HanaWell known model Momo
Twins Hana and Momo