Here’s a list of all Yune’s events for November 2019. Come along if you can!


November 3, Shibuya Idol Theatre

Yune’s is one of the few idols who has a regular performance in this most important venue!

Yune’s Regular Solo Performance

Yune will perform a 25-minute long setlist with goods sales afterwards.

When: Sunday November 3rd. Opens at 11:10 for a 11:20 start. Goods sales straight afterwards.

Where: Shidax Culture Hall, Shibuya, Tokyo (map)
An 8th floor hall in central Shibuya in a distinctive large domed building just a short walk from scramble crossing. At the 8th floor go to the left for the entrance. Goods sales are held in the areas around the entrance.

Tickets: A normal ticket is 1000 yen. You can also get an A or pass ticket (an all day pass – full line-up) for 4500 yen. Otherwise just pay on the door for 1000 yen.

Entry is by ticket number, with people paying on the door going in last. You may need to ask for help when they call out entry numbers so you know when is your turn.

For advance tickets use the booking form. It sometimes auto-translates to English if you wait a moment, otherwise use Chrome to translate. IMPORTANT: Yune’s name comes up incorrectly in the automatic translation.  It might be “Yuya Sakurai” or “Aoi Ayane” or “Aoi Sakurai” – check the event number against the full line-up. Book and pay, then you get a QR code for admittance.


Junior Idol Solo Special

Yune and 19 other young singers perform a song each in a 2 hour long event.

When: Sunday November 3rd 2019, opens 12:45 for a 12:55 start. Goods sales will be straight afterwards where you can meet all the performers.

Where: see above

Tickets: Normal ticket 2000 yen, A or pass ticket (all day pass) 4500 yen, or on the door for 2000 yen. See above for entry details. For advance tickets, use the booking form. This event is the “JSJC Idol Solo SP”. Book and pay then you get a QR code for admittance.


November 4, Invincible Idol Festival Vol. 40

An morning/afternoon show in a very popular underground idol venue in Tokyo.

When: Monday November 4th 2019, opens 9:30 for a 10:00 start. Yune is on stage towards the end at 14:00. Unusually, Yune will have her goods sales before her set on stage, from 12:30 – 13:30. She will be with her idol friend Aimi, who performs just before her on stage. So goods sales should be bubbly and fun. Full line-up (Japanese).

Where: S.U.B Tokyo (map).
Close to Shinjuku. Go to Nakanosakuei metro station on the Maronouchi line (make sure you are on the line that goes to Nakanosakuei). Head to the exit 1 escalator, then turn right down the street and walk about 5 minutes. It’s on the right up a few stairs. Go down into the venue and through the goods space to get to the stage door.

Tickets: 2900 yen + 2 drink tickets (1200 yen) on the door. Recommend you arrive early to catch some of the other performers and get full value for money!


November 17, Girls Gamer Party Live

A new idol event sponsored by book/magazine publisher Byakuya Shobo. There are a lot of well known names in this two part event and Yune will appear in the morning session.

When: Sunday November 17th, 2019. The morning event opens at 9:30 for a 10:00 start. Yune’s turn on stage is at 11:45 with goods sales straight afterwards. Check out some of the other performers afterwards too, full line-up (Japanese).

Where: BS Hall, Takadanobaba, Tokyo (map)
2 minutes on foot from Takadanobaba station on the main Yamanote line or the Tozai line. The venue is under the publisher’s offices, which looks at first sight like an ordinary office building. The venue entrance is down stairs to the right of the building.

Tickets: 2900 yen + 1 drink ticket (500 yen) on the door.


23 November – Akiba Girls Meeting

Details to be announced. Check back for details!


24 November – Event To be Announced

Check back for details!

30 November – Akiba Girls Meeting

Details to be announced. Check back for details!