After a super-busy September, Yune has a slightly quiet period to prepare for her third self-produced show at the end of October.


October 19, Shibuya Idol Theatre

Yune’s regular performances in this prestigious venue. She will perform a long setlist with goods sales straight afterwards.

Junior Idol Solo Special

Yune and 19 other young singers perform a song each in a 2 hour long event.

When: Saturday October 19th 2019, opens 12:30 for a 12:45 start. Goods sales will be straight afterwards where you can meet all the performers.

Where: Shidax Culture Hall, Shibuya, Tokyo (map)
An 8th floor hall in central Shibuya in a distinctive large domed building just a short walk from scramble crossing. At the 8th floor go to the left for the entrance. Goods sales are held in the areas around the entrance.

Tickets: A normal ticket is 2000 yen. You can also get an A or pass ticket (an all day pass – full line-up) for 4500 yen. Otherwise just pay on the door for 2000 yen.

Entry is by ticket number, with people paying on the door going in last. You may need to ask for help when they call out entry numbers so you know when is your turn.

For advance tickets use the booking form. It sometimes auto-translates to English if you wait a moment, otherwise use Chrome to translate. This event is the “JSJC Idol Solo SP”. Book and pay then you get a QR code for admittance.


Yune’s Regular Solo Performance

Yune will perform a 25-minute long setlist with goods sales afterwards.

When: Saturday October 19th, opens at 17:25 for a 17:35 start

Where: see above

Tickets: Normal ticket 1000 yen, A or pass ticket (all day pass) 4500 yen, on the door 1000 yen. See above for entry details.
For advance tickets, use the booking form. IMPORTANT: Yune’s name comes up incorrectly in the automatic translation. It is event (10).  It might be “Yuya Sakurai” or “Aoi Ayane” or “Aoi Sakurai” – just check it is event (10). Book and pay, then you get a QR code for admittance.



October 20, Aimi’s Birthday Event

Yune and Aimi

Aimi is one of Yune’s idol friends from Osaka and she is having a birthday event in Akihabara, Tokyo. Aimi has guested at Yune’s events in the past and this time Yune will repay the favour.

When: Sunday October 20th, Opens at 12:45 for a 13:00 start. The show runs until 16:30.

Where: Akihabara Artist Space Clan (map)
Down a small side street, just a five minute walk east from Akihabara station (away from the Akihabara centre).

Tickets: 3000 yen. You can buy tickets on this booking form. It should auto-translate into English and foreign credit cards are accepted. Entry will probably be by ticket number (i.e. buy early to get nearer the front!). You may be able to buy on the door if it doesn’t sell out.



October 25, “Nyan Nyan Live”, a Yune Production

First there was Live Zero, then WanWan live” (“One One” live, sounds like a dog barking).
Now it is time for “Nyan Nyan Live” (Sounds like a cat and is a play on “Two Two”)!

This will be the third big event that will be produced by and starring Yune. She will sing a long set-list backed by a live band, perform collaborations with guests and have a Halloween-themed game show!

Guests are dance/vocal unit Rising Zero, and super-talented vocalist Ayuto from Yune’s Sokubako Kanojo rock unit.
MC will be a packet of soy milk (seriously, lol).

When: Saturday October 26th, Opens at 10:30 for a 11:00 start. The show runs until 15:00.

Where: Urawa Naciss (map)
Close to home for Saitama-based Yune. The venue is two minutes from Urawa station, which is a simple 25 minute train ride north of Shinjuku. It’s a basement venue. Look for the sign outside.

Tickets: 3500 yen + 1 drink on the door (600 yen), or 5000 yen + 1 drink for a premium seat. Get tickets here.
1.  Select number of tickets and press buton.
2. In the fields with stars enter: last name, first name and email. You can ignore the other text boxes
3. Check the top checkbox for payment method and press the button, choose credit card and enter your details
4. After successful payment you should get a ticket by email

Rising Zero