Yune spreads her wings this month with several events in Taiwan and her first theatre production. Ganbatte Yune!


August 2nd & 3rd, Taiwan Expedition!

Yune will fly out to Taipei to appear at three major events in the Taiwan capital!

2019 Comic Exhibition – Taipei World Trade Centre

A huge comic-con right next to the famous Taipei 101 building. Plenty of Japanese representation here and Yune will bring some real-life moe to the event.

When: Friday August 2nd, 2019. Yune will be on stage sometime during the 16:30-18:00 performance. There will also be goods sales and a chance to meet Yune and have a picture with her.

Where: Taipei World Trade Centre Exhibition Hall (map). A short taxi ride from most central locations, 100-200 TWD.

Yune will be on Stage C, which is near entrance 18 shown at the bottom of the venue map

Tickets: 150 TWD for a day ticket on the door.


Evening Princess Wild Dance – Sphere 29 Live Club Taipei

The Sphere 29 club specialises in idol events and often hosts JapaneAse idol units. Yune will appear shortly after her comic-con visit.

When: Friday August 2nd 2019. Opens 19:00 for a 19:20 start. The timetable is not announced, but Yune is likely to be on first given her age.

Where: Sphere 29 Live Club, easy to reach in central Taipei (map)

Tickets: 600 TWD on the door.


Sun Never Sets Music Festival – Corner House Taipei

Musicians and idols from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan will appear at a well known venue in eastern Taipei.

When:  Saturday August 3rd 2019. Doors open at 18:00 for an 18:30 start. Yune’s appearance time will be at 18:55. Afterwards she’ll run goods sales until 20:00.

Where: Corner House, Taipei (map).
A little out towards the east side of the city. Take the Bannan line to Houshanpi station or hail a cab.

Tickets: 600 TWD on the door.


Monday August 12th, Shibuya Idol Theatre

Yune will perform her regular show at this prestigious venue with goods sales afterwards.

When: August 12th 2019, opens 11:55 for a 12:05 start. Goods sales will be straight afterwards.

Where: Shidax Culture Hall, Shibuya, Tokyo (map)
An 8th floor hall in central Shibuya in a distinctive large domed building just a short walk from scramble crossing. At the 8th floor go to the left for the entrance. Goods sales are held in the areas around the entrance.

Tickets: First entry ticket 2500 yen (be one of the first 10 allowed in), or a normal ticket for 1000 yen. You can also get an A ticket (an all day pass – full line-up) for 4500 yen. Otherwise just pay on the door for 1000 yen.

Entry is by ticket number, with people paying on the door going in last. You may need to ask for help when they call out entry numbers so you know when is your turn.

For advance tickets use the booking form. It auto-translates to English if you wait a moment. IMPORTANT: Yune’s name comes up as “Aoi Ayane” in the automatic translation. Book and pay then you get a QR code for admittance.


Thursday August 15th, Galpo Live 1

A new series of live events for idol units. Yune will appear with her rock-influenced Sokubaku Kanojo unit.

When: August 15th 2019, Doors open at 16:15 for a 16:45 start. Yune will appear sometime between 18:00 to 19:00. Check back for the exact timing. They will have goods sales too where you can meet the girls and have your picture taken with them.

Where: Selene b2 (map)
A basement livehouse about a 12 minute walk from Shirokanetakanawa station on the Mita line, or 15 minutes from Tamachi station on the Yamanote line.

Tickets: 2500 yen on the door. Or only 1500 yen if you arrive before 16:45. If you are new to the idol scene it’s a good idea to arrive early and stay late to experience a range of different idols. The first couple of sets are often quiet so goods sales can be fun.


August 21st – 25th, Theatre Performance “Kappan”

Yune takes a short break from singing events in the middle of August so she can rehearse for her first theatre production! She will appear in “Kappan”, a play adapted from a children’s book. The production will run for a week.

When: 21st to 25th August 2019. Performance times are:
– Weds 21st August, 19:00
– Thurs 22nd August, 14:00
– Fri 23rd August 19:00
– Sat 24th August 14:00 and 18:00 (two performances)
– Sun 25th August 12:00 and 16:00
At each performance the theatre opens 30 minutes before

Where: Yorozu Theatre, Tokyo (map)
4 minutes on foot from Otsuka station on the main Yamanote line

Tickets: In Japan tickets can be bought at Lawson stores Loppi machines (L-code 32667) for 5000 yen. You can also simply buy a ticket on the door for 5500 yen.


Saturday August 31st, Yamanashi Idol Festival Vol. 6

A day of idols held in a town in the hills west of Tokyo. Yune will be able to travel there with her long-time idol friends Mirei and Sachi so it should be a fun time at goods sales.

When: August 31st 2019, the event runs all day and the schedule has not been announced yet. Check back for details of Yune’s appearance time.

Where: Yamanashi City Hall (map)
Yamanshi is 1.5 hours on a train west of Shinjuku, Tokyo. From the station it’s a pleasant 15 minute walk to the hall which is set in the fork of a river.

Tickets: Currently tickets are only available on the Japanese-only eplus site (3800 yen). However, day tickets will be available.