Updated: 3 new events added.

Yune will finish school for the summer later in July. She has a wide range of upcoming events, with more to come.


Friday, July 5, 2019 – Garden of Eden

Yune will appear as a member of Sokubaku Kanojo unit.

When: Friday, July 5, Start 19:00

Where: Ruido K2, Shibuya, Tokyo (map)

Tickets: adv 2000 yen, door 2500 yen, plus 1 drink
Booking form. Enter 1. your name, 2. e-mail (twice), 3. number of person, 4. favorite member(s), 5. additional request, and pay on the door.

Sunday, July 7, 2019 – Nana Ajima Event

The event name is a word-play “nana gatsu nana nichi wa nana no hi” meaning “The 7th day of the 7th month is Nana’s day”. The event will be hosted by Nana Ajima. Nana (なな) also means 7, so July 7 will be Nana’s day. Yune will be one of seven guest singers.

When: Sunday, July 7, Open 11:15 Start 11:45

Where: Tokyo Kinema Club, Uguisudani, Tokyo (map)

Tickets: adv/door 2500 yen plus 1 drink 500 yen.
Booking form. Enter your details and pay on the door.


Saturday, July 13, 2019 – Topyell Festival

A long event with many idols performing.

When: July 13, open 10:00 start 10:30

Where: Ruido K3, Ikebukuro (map)
Tickets: adv 2400 yen, door 2900 yen (2400 yen for those who enter before the start), plus 1 drink 600 yen


Saturday, July 18, 2019 – Girls Splash

A special event with all the idols performing solo. Yune is a solo specialist so this is ideal for her.

When: July 18, open 18:30 start 19:00. Yune will be first on stage at 19:00!

Where: Ruido K3, Ikebukuro (map)
A commonly used venue, 10 minutes west of the main station. It’s on a backstreet, just slightly away from the main road.

Tickets: 2000 yen on the door. You must also buy 1 drink ticket on the door (around 600 yen). You can help Yune by making a reservation here.
Enter  1. Surname,  2. First name,  3. email address.


Saturday, July 27, 2019 – Shibuya Idol Theatre

Yune’s Solo Event

Yune will perform a 25-minute long setlist with goods sales afterwards.

When: July 27, oepn 11:10 start 11:20

Where: Shidax Culture Hall, Shibuya, Tokyo (map)
An 8th floor hall in central Shibuya – on the opposite side of the road from the famous Tower Records store.

Tickets: First entry ticket 2500 yen, normal ticket 1000 yen, A ticket (all day pass) 4500 yen, on the door 1000 yen.
Booking form. Book and pay, then you get a QR code for admittance.


Junior Idol Solo Special

Yune and other 17 young singers perform a song each.

When: July 27, open 13:10 start 13:25

Where: see above

Ticket: First entry ticket 5000 yen, normal ticket 2000 yen, A ticket (all day pass) 4500 yen, on the door 2000 yen.
Booking form. Book and pay, then you get a QR code for admittance.



Saturday, July 27, 2019 – Free “Goten Live” in Oyama City

After finishing in Tokyo Idol Theatre, Yune will rush up to Oyama City to appear with her Sokubaku Kanojo unit in a summer festival. This is a free all-day event with bands, idols, singers, dancers etc.

When: July 27th, The event runs all day but Yune will be on stage at 18:50.

Where: In the large square north of Oyama City Hall (map)
Oyama is an hour and a half train journey north of Tokyo. The square is a short walk west from the main station.

Tickets: The festival is free! There are other singers and bands also lined up.


Sunday, July 28, 2019 – Roppongi Birdland

A special dinner and live in this stylish jazz club with all four members on the Sokubaku Kanojo unit.

When: July 28, 17:00

Where: Birdland, Roppongi, Tokyo (map)
A jazz bar/restaurant. Go to exit 5 of Roppongi station and it is on a small street just one minute from there. Look for the sign on the corner. It’s on the 5F.

Tickets: Reserve here. Use Google translate, it’s fairly simple. Pay on the door. 9000 yen for dinner and performance. An extra 2000 for a photography ticket (so you can take pictures during the event).


Wednesday, July 31, 2019 – More than Heaven 25

An evening special filled with idol units. Yune will be by far the youngest performer so she will get pampered by her “older sisters” backstage, lol

When: July 31st, The event starts at 16:50 and Yune will be on stage from 17:55. Straight after her performance she will have goods sales near the entrance. Full lineup (Japanese)

Where: Shibuya Glad, Tokyo (map)
One of a cluster of live houses in Shibuya. Make sure you enter the correct one. Look for the Glad logo at the door.

Tickets: 2500 yen with a reservation, 3000 on the door.
Make a reservation to help Yune and get the cheaper rate (say your name and “Sakurai Yuune” on the door).
Enter  1. Surname,  2. First name,  3. email address.