Yune’s second “one-man” event will be on May 6th. It’s also her 11th birthday celebration. The last event was “Zero Live”, so this event is called “Wan-Wan Live” – because Yune has become one-one (11) years old (wan-wan also sounds like one-man and is the sound of a dog barking in Japanese).

This event is at the end of the Golden Week holiday in Japan. If you think you can go, order a ticket immediately because last time they sold out very quickly. See below for details.

Again Yune is producing the entire 4 hour show herself and has invited two special guests: long-time idol friend Mirei Hoshino, and Aimi from the Osaka idol unit Little Blossom. Yune met Aimi in June last year and they got on really well, so it’s really nice that Aimi is making the trip to Tokyo to support her friend.

There will be a live showcase with a long set-list including original songs. some fun covers, songs from the guests and collaborations too. After that will be Yune’s birthday party, probably a chance to play games and take pictures. Finally goods sales, where there will be exclusive goods and a chance to meet and have your picture taken with Yune and the guests.

Yune and friend Mirei
Yune and Mirei
Aimi from Little Blossom



When: May 6th, 2019. Doors open 11:00 for a 11:30 start. The event ends at 15:30.

Where: Loft Heaven, Shibuya, Tokyo (map).
The Loft venues are amongst the coolest in Tokyo. The Loft Heaven venue is a basement livehouse, a short walk east from central Shibuya station.

Tickets: 4000 yen, or 7000 for a premium front-row seat (premium seats are sold out). All attendees will get a souvenir present at the event. Premium ticket holders will also get special original goods. Tickets are very limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Ordering Instructions:
1. Go to the ticket webpage.
2. Scroll to the bottom, enter the number of tickets and press “Checkout”
3. Enter the three starred fields, first Surname (姓), then First Name (名), then Email Address (メールアドレス), you can leave the rest blank.
4. Then press the button and proceed with your payment. Sometimes Japanese banks won’t accept foreign cards, so Paypal is most likely to be accepted.

Note: Despite the guests, this is called a one-man live in Japan and is the mark of a performer becoming well-known and popular. The idea is that the live is hosted by and focuses on a single performer.

The Loft Heaven Venue

Flyer for Yune's "Wan Wan Live"