March 2019. As the spring blossom season begins Yune performs a varied month of events and photoshoots.


March 2nd – Girls Bouquet Tokyo

Yune singing in February 2019

A two-part event in Shibuya, with a lot of young idols visiting from outside of Tokyo. Yune will appear in the afternoon part. See the official event page for the line-up and timetable for both parts (Japanese). Expect this to be a popular event.

When: March 2nd, 2019.
The second event opens at 15:30 for a 16:00 start. Yune appears second at 16:15 (right after her friend Mirei). She will run goods sales afterwards in the area around the entrance (from 16:35).

Where: Shibuya Glad, Tokyo (map).
A venue with a distinctive tiered audience area and spherical stage. It’s in an area of Shibuya with many well-known live-houses – look for the “Glad” logo above the door.

Tickets: 2500 yen with a reservation, or 3000 yen on the door. Plus one drink ticket on the door (500 or 600 yen).
Help Yune and get the discounted rate by making a reservation for the event.
Just enter: 1. Family name,   2. Given name (first name),   3. Email Address,   then press the button.


March 3rd – Halftime Show – Tokyo Hachioji Bee-Trains vs Kanazawa Samurais

Yune will provide the half-time entertainment for a professional basketball game! The Tokyo Hachioji Bee-Trains will take on the Kanazawa Samurais. This should boost Yune’s popularity and make her known to a wider audience!

When: March 3rd, 2019.
The game starts at 14:00. Yune will sing at half-time. She will have no goods sales in this event.

Where: Esforta Arena, Hachioji, Tokyo (map)
A city in the west of the greater Tokyo metropolitan area. The basketball arena is right next to Hazama station.

Tickets: Advance tickets can be bought here. However, this will be challenging if you don’t understand Japanese.


March 9th – STM Kids Festival 2019

A TV broadcast and live event! Yune is one of the main cast members for this long and fascinating multi-part event. It includes a fashion show and optional photoshoot where some of the cast members will appear (but not Yune). The full cast list is shown here (Japanese).

When: March 9th, 2019
Yune posing in a black dressOpens 12:00 for a 12:30 start.
12:30-14:00 TV broadcast (chat, and maybe games and songs too)
14:15-14:30 Fashion show (photography allowed)
[14:15-15:15 – Simultaneous group photoshoot on the second floor]
15:30-16:45 – Live event (Yune will sing, as will other cast members)
16:45-17:40 – Goods sales

Where: Muse Academy of Music, Main Building, Yoyogi, Tokyo (map)
A very short walk from the west exit of Yoyogi station in central Tokyo. The Muse academy has several buildings, ensure you go to the one shown on the map.

Tickets: 4000 yen + 600 yen for a drink ticket on the door. An additional 6000 yen if you wish to attend the second floor photoshoot.
Help Yune by making a reservation for the event.
Just enter: 1. Family name,   2. Given name (first name),   3. Email Address,   then press the button.

Photoshoot rules are common sense: You take turns to shoot the models of your choice. You can direct them how to pose but don’t ask for anything inappropriate. Never touch the models even to show them how to pose. Don’t ask for any personal information.


March 16th – Tokyo Idol Theatre

Yune’s regular monthly performance at the Tokyo Idol Theatre, the most prestigious venue for underground idols. She is now well established as the most talented junior idol singer and her events are becoming more and more popular. Yune appears twice this day.

Junior Solo Singers Event

The first event has 18 young singers perform a song each. The doors open at 13:10 for a 13:25 start. Afterwards, at 14:55 goods sales will be held in the area outside the stage. You will be able to meet and get a picture with Yune and the other junior idols. You are recommended to buy advance tickets for this part since it sometimes sells out.

Yune’s Solo Event

Yune performing at her "Zero Live"

The second event is for Yune only and she will perform five or six songs. Her stage opens at 16:25, and ends at 17:00. Straight afterwards she will run goods sales in the area outside the stage. You will be able to meet her, take pictures with her or buy goods.

Where: 8F Shidax Hall, Shibuya, Tokyo (map)
The Shidax Culture Hall is in a distinctive building very close to the famous Tower Records in Shibuya (on the opposite side of the road). The venue location is on the 8th floor. Exiting the elevator, the hall entrance is to your left. The area in front of and beyond the entrance is used for goods sales.

Tickets: There are no reservations for this event. However, you can buy advance tickets for Yune’s shows, or any of the other idols in the same venue that day from livepocket (wait and it will convert to English). Each show is 1000 yen except the solo singers event, which is 2000 yen. You can also buy front row seats or an all day pass (called an “A ticket”). First sale tickets are awarded by lottery, “secondary sales” will occur if the lottery sales don’t run out (get one of these if you don’t get an email confirming you won in the first sales). It’s a bit confusing but the hall doesn’t usually get full so you will not have a problem getting an ordinary ticket.

Each ticket has an “admission number” allocated at random and when the show starts they will call out numbers in order and you enter when your number comes up. If you don’t know Japanese, you will need to ask for help.

If the shows don’t sell out, you can buy a ticket on the door at the same price of 1000 yen. People who buy on the door must wait until the end to enter, they will say “toujitsuken no kata” (day ticket people) when it is your turn.

You can take pictures and movies in Yune’s events. You cannot use flash, and must stand at the back if you want to use a tripod. Other events have different rules, translate the lineup page for details.


March 30th – Petit Bear School Photoshoot

Yune heads into the mountains for a photoshoot in an old school. See this article for details.


Yune posing wearing a beret