Update: October 14th event details added.

Typhoon season isn’t stopping Yune from getting out and about to lots of events and gigs. Here’s what she has lined up for October.


October 6th – Cosmic Girls Meeting Vol.1

Yune dancing with the stage lights behind her

An early live in the famous Akihabara district. Yune will sing a set and host goods sales afterwards.

When: October 6th, 2018. The event starts at 10:40 and Yune’s set will be at 11:25. Afterwards she will run goods sales until 12:35. There are a lot of idols and units on afterwards, see the full lineup here (Japanese).

Where:  Cosmic Lab, Akihabara, Tokyo (map)
A short way up the main street in Akihabara (5-10 minutes from the famous buildings). It’s an ideal time / location for sightseeing before or afterwards.

Tickets: 2500 yen with a reservation, or 3000 yen on the door. If you arrive before 11:00 or so you can get an early bird ticket for 1900 yen.


October 7th – Idol Campus Vol. 24 (free)

Yune goes to Akihabara again for a free gig at a cute little venue on the main street. You are right next to the performers in this venue so it will be fun and friendly.

Yune winking at the cameraWhen: Sunday October 7th, 2018. The event opens at 10:00 and runs until 11:50. Yune’s turn is at 10:30. Because this is a tiny venue, goods sales are held around the stage after the entire event at 11:50. This is a great place to get the true underground idol experience so well worth watching the other acts and go meet Yune afterwards. She will sell goods and you can meet her and get a picture taken with her. See the full lineup here (Japanese).

Where: Plum Live Stage, Akihabara (map).
A small stage at the back of a small 7F figure shop on the main street in central Akihabara. The Plum Live signs are easy to see, take the lift to 7F and walk all the way through the shop to the little stage at the back. Pay at the entrance to the stage.

Tickets: Entry is free! Well, not quite… you have to buy two drink tickets at the door (500 yen each), but that’s still very cheap for an idol live. Get your drinks from the fridge at the left and then go to the register and give him one of the tickets (or pay if you use both of them).

You can help Yune by making a reservation here.
Just enter: 1. Family name,   2. Given name (first name),   3. Email Address, then press the button.


October 14th – Camelot Girls Meeting!!!

A convenient live in central Shibuya, close to the famous scramble crossing.

When: Sunday October 14th, 2018. The show runs from 10:10 until 14:40. Yune will run goods sales from 13:25-14:15 before her set on stage, which starts at 14:20. Yune has the important final slot so arrive early to watch some of the idols before her.

Where: Club Camelot, Shibuya (map).
On a side street very near the famous Tower Records store in central Shibuya. Descend the stairs on the street corner to get into the basement venue. Goods sales are held at the back of the long room containing the stage.

Tickets: 2,500 yen with a reservation, 3000 yen on the door. Save money and help Yune by making a reservation here.
Just enter: 1. Family name,   2. Given name (first name),   3. Email Address, then press the button.

Yune at a photoshoot


October 21st – Tokyo Idol Theatre

Yune has two more events at the prestigious Tokyo Idol Theatre on this day. The first is a solo event for Yune only – a dedicated mini event with a longer than usual setlist. The second event is for solo junior idols. Some of the singers are from idol units, others are solo specialists like Yune. Note that after these two events, Yune will head to Yokohama for a third evening event (see below).


Yune’s Solo Event

The first event is a dedicated event for Yune only. Her stage opens at 11:20, and ends at 11:55. This is an important venue for upcoming idols so you can expect her best set list here. Straight afterwards she will hold goods sales in the area outside the stage. You will be able to meet and get a picture with Yune.


Elementary School Solo Singers Event

Yune Sakurai singing (looking a little like Ariana Grande)

The second event has 15 young singers perform a song each. The doors open at 12:40 for a 12:50 start. The show ends at 14:00 and at 14:10 goods sales will be held in the area outside the stage. You will be able to meet and get a picture with Yune and the other junior idols.


Where: Shidax Hall, Shibuya, Tokyo (map)
The Shidax Culture Hall is in a distinctive building very close to the famous Tower Records in Shibuya (on the opposite side of the road). The venue location is on the 8th floor. Exiting the elevator, the hall entrance is to your left. The area in front of and beyond the entrance is used for goods sales.

Tickets: There are no reservations for this event. However, you can buy advance tickets for Yune’s show, or any of the other idols in the same venue that day from livepocket (wait and it will convert to English). Note that Yune’s name comes up as “Yuson Sakurai” in the translation. Each show is 1000 yen. You can also buy front row seats or an all day pass (called an “A ticket”). First sale tickets are awarded by lottery, “secondary sales” will occur if the lottery sales don’t run out (get one of these if you don’t get an email confirming you won in the first sales). It’s a bit confusing but the hall doesn’t usually get full so you will not have a problem getting an ordinary ticket.

Each ticket has an “admission number” allocated at random and when the show starts they will call out numbers in order and you enter when your number comes up. If you don’t know Japanese, you will need to ask for help.

If the shows don’t sell out, you can buy a ticket on the door at the same price of 1000 yen. People who buy on the door must wait until the end to enter, they will say “toujitsuken no kata” (day ticket people) when it is your turn.

You can take pictures and movies in Yune’s events. You cannot use flash, and must stand at the back if you want to use a tripod. Other events have different rules, translate the lineup page for details.


October 21st – Idol Spotting Vol. 22 in Yokohama

Yune Sakurai singing a Namie Amuro songAfter her two Tokyo gigs earlier in the day, Yune head over to Yokohama for a large early evening idol show and internet broadcast. There will be goods sales and a chance to meet Yune. Unusually, goods sales will be *before* Yune’s turn on stage. (Event page in Japanese).

Where: Yokohama O-Site (map)
The O-site venue is in a cinema building quite close to the main station. The entrance and stage is on the third floor (which might mean the second floor to you because in Japan the ground floor is called the first floor). Yokohama is right next to Tokyo so it is easy to reach by train.

When: October 21st, 2018. The afternoon event will run from 15:45 until 18:25. Yune will have goods sales from 17:00 – 17:50 (might be outside the stage or just inside it). Her turn on stage is afterwards at 18:05. Because Yune will appear towards the end, you are advised to arrive early and see some of the idols before, there are some good names in this big event.

After the end of the show, the idols including Yune will be interviewed for an idol net broadcast show. Yune will be on with several other idols from 18:40 – 19:20. You can join the audience for this part, but you must pay another fee. Only advisable if you understand Japanese.

Tickets: 2000 yen if you make a reservation, 2400 yen on the door. Either way you must also buy two drink tickets on the door (1000 yen). Save money and help Yune by making a reservation here.
Just enter: 1. Family name,   2. Given name (first name),   3. Email Address, then press the button.



Some of the event descriptions above have a reservation link. Please use the correct one to help Yune and sometimes to save money. It is a simple form: 1. Family name, 2. Given name (first name), 3. Email address, and sometimes 4. Number of tickets required, then press the button.

Make the reservation at least 24 hours in advance. On the door say “Sakurai Yuune” and your name and then you will get the discounted rate if there is one. If you don’t have a reservation, say “tou-jitsu-ken” and “Sakurai Yuune”, to get a day ticket. Note that re-entry (leaving and coming back) is only allowed at venues where they stamp your hand or give you a wristband.

Yune against a blue sky