Update: Photo shoot and live added. Appearance times added.

Summer is over and Yune is back at school, but she still has a full September schedule!


September 1st – Girl’s Stargate Next Vol. 13

Yune at a photoshootYune performs in a large event in central Tokyo. This venue is well-designed with a separate stage and goods area which will make for a fun event.

When: September 1st, 2018. The event starts at 9:40 but you can arrive at any time. Yune will be in the prestigious final slot at 13:35. After her set she will run goods sales until 14:40. See the full lineup here (Japanese).

Where: O-Nest, Shibuya, Tokyo (map)
The entrance to the O-Nest venue on the 6th floor, accessed by elevator, and that is where goods sales are held. The stage is on the 5th floor below – descend the spiral stairs at the end of the goods floor to get to the stage.

Tickets: 1500 yen with a reservation, or 2000 yen on the door.


September 8th – Studio Recording

Yune won’t be doing any events on this weekend because she’ll be in the studio recording her first original song! It will be available on CD at her goods sales from October.

Yune posing for a photo


September 16th – Kirara’s Birthday Live

Yune singing against a purple backdropA birthday celebration live for a very young performer called Kirara. Yune will guest along with several other junior idols. Please note that the performers in this event are very young and this is as much a training event for them – please give them positive support.

When: September 16th, 2018. The event begins at 11:00, and Yune will be on stage at 11:25 – 11:45. At the end of the event at 13:05, there will be goods sales where you will be able to take pictures with Yune and the other performers. You can see the full lineup here (Japanese).

Where: Com Cafe Otokura, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo (map)
Shimokitazawa is in the fashionable west suburbs of Tokyo. Take a Keio Inokashira train from Shibuya, it’s just a few stops, 10 minutes or so. The venue is a basement cafe very close to the station north exit. Make sure you go to the North exit, because the streets are small and confusing around this area.

Tickets: 2000 yen on the door plus one drink ticket (probably 500-600 yen). Help Yune and ensure your place by making a reservation here.
Just enter: 1. Family name,   2. Given name (first name),   3. Email Address, then press the button.


September 17th – Junior Idol Photo shoot and Live

NEW: A very well organised event with 12 junior models. The girls will first do a photoshoot from the morning, and then most of them will perform at a live event in the mid-afternoon. There are several interesting newcomers so this event will be very popular.

Photo shoot

There are two parallel photo shoots, each split into 50 minute sections. In the main studio groups of six customers will be able to shoot groups of girls. At the same time there are 50 minute “personal” shoots with one customer and one girl (and management of course).  The roster of models is here. See below for entry and timings.


After the photo shoots finish, from 16:00, seven of the girls who are also singers will perform live. You can go to the live without going to the photoshoot (or vice versa). See below for entry detail, but the full schedule can be seen here. After the live, there will be goods sales where you can get your picture taken with the girls etc.


Yune pretending to sleep in a photoshootWhere: Colorful Box, Nishikawaguchi (map). A couple of minutes walk from Nishikawaguchi station, which is 20 minutes on the Keihin Tohoku north from Ikebukuro station in Tokyo. The photoshoot will be on the 3F, 4F and rooftop studio. The live will be in the same location.

When: September 17th, 2018. Every hour from 10:00 until 14:00 there will be one group photo session and one personal photo session. You must reserve each section separately (see below) and pay as you arrive. Arrive at reception 10 minutes before the start of each section. Yune is on in the 10:00, 11:00, 13:00 and 14:00 group sessions. She is not appearing in a personal session.

The live event opens at 16:00, and starts at 16:30. Yune takes the important final slot at 17:40. The goods sales start at 18:00.


Tickets: You must reserve the photo sessions. The group photo sessions cost 5000 yen for each hour session. The personal sessions cost 7000 yen for each hour.
Reserve photosessions with this form here.
This form is in Japanese but with google translate (or even without) you should be able to use it.
– First there is a list of who will appear in each hour. Refer to the names/photos in the schedule.
– You must check the boxes of the hours you wish to attend (remember the costs above are per hour). The first set of boxes are for the group sessions, then the second set of boxes are for the girls doing personal photo sessions.
– Then fill your name (surname, then first name), email address, then phone number (hotel will do).
– Then click the submit button at the bottom.

If many people apply (very likely), there will be a lottery to see who can attend. Check your emails to make sure you have won before going!

The live show at 16:00 simply costs 2000 yen on the door, plus 500 yen for a drink ticket. If you miss out on the photo shoot, you can still get pictures with Yune and the other girls in the goods sales afterwards.


September 23rd – JDP Live

Yune will perform at the Yotsuya Lotus livehouse near Shibuya. She will first sing a solo set and then a couple of collaboration songs with her junior idol friends Mirei and Sachi. All the idols in the lineup are interesting / popular so this is a recommended event.

Where: Yotsuya Lotus, Tokyo (map)
The venue is very close to exit 3 of Yotsuya Sanchome metro station, which is just a couple of stops from Shibuya.

When: September 23rd 2018. Doors open at 10:15 for a 10:30 start. Mirei is on first, then Sachi, then Yune (at 11:00). Then after a few more idols, the trio will return for a collaboration at 12:30. Afterwards at 12:45, all the idols will have goods sales where you can meet them and have your picture taken with them. Full line up (Japanese)

Tickets: 2400 yen with a reservation, 2900 yen on the door, plus 600 yen for a drink ticket.  Help Yune and save money by making a reservation here.
Just enter: 1. Family name,   2. Given name (first name),   3. Email Address,   then press the button.

Sachi, Yune and Mirei


September 24th – Tokyo Idol Theatre

Yune has two more events at the prestigious Tokyo Idol Theatre on this day. The first is for young solo singers. Some of the singers are from idol units, others are solo specialists like Yune. The second event is a solo event for Yune only – a dedicated mini event with a longer than usual setlist.

Young Solo Singers Event

The first event has short sets from 14 different singers. The doors open at 12:40 for a 12:50 start. The show ends at 14:00 and at 14:10 goods sales will be held in the area outside the stage. You will be able to meet and get a picture with Yune and the other performers. Don’t spend too much time in the goods sales or you will miss Yune’s solo event, starts at 14:50.

Yune’s Solo Event

Yune singing at Tokyo Idol Theatre

Yune’s stage opens at 14:50, and ends at 15:20. Afterwards, from 15:25 goods sales will be held in the area outside the stage. You will be able to meet and get a picture with Yune.


Where: Shidax Hall, Shibuya, Tokyo (map)
The Shidax Culture Hall is in a distinctive building very close to the famous Tower Records in Shibuya (on the opposite side of the road). The venue location is on the 8th floor. Exiting the elevator, the hall entrance is to your left. The area in front of and beyond the entrance is used for goods sales.

Tickets: There are no reservations for this event. However, you can buy advance tickets for Yune’s show, or any of the other idols in the same venue that day from livepocket (wait and it will convert to English). Note that Yune’s name comes up as “Yuson Sakurai” in the translation. Each show is 1000 yen. You can also buy front row seats or an all day pass (called an “A ticket”). First sale tickets are awarded by lottery, “secondary sales” will occur if the lottery sales don’t run out (get one of these if you don’t get an email confirming you won in the first sales). It’s a bit confusing but the hall doesn’t usually get full so you will not have a problem getting an ordinary ticket.

Each ticket has an “admission number” allocated at random and when the show starts they will call out numbers in order and you enter when your number comes up. If you don’t know Japanese, you will need to ask for help.

If the shows don’t sell out, you can buy a ticket on the door at the same price of 1000 yen. People who buy on the door must wait until the end to enter, they will say “toujitsuken no kata” (day ticket people) when it is your turn.

You can take pictures and movies in Yune’s event. You cannot use flash, and must stand at the back if you want to use a tripod. Other events have different rules, translate the lineup page for details.


September 29th – Wallop TV Live

Wallop TV is an internet broadcasting studio near the famous Tokyo Skytree. Yune and three other idols will broadcast a 90 minute live performance in front of an audience. This would be a fun trip before or after visiting the Skytree or the Sensoji temple.

Where: Wallop Studio, Sumida, Tokyo (map)
Go to Oshiage station, the B1 exit, from there it is a 2 minute walk. This page gives picture directions to the studio, which is a clearly marked building. The studio is on the 3F.

When: September 29th 2018. Doors open at 11:50 for a 12:00 start. The show lasts 90 minutes. It is not clear if there will be goods sales afterwards but it is likely.

Tickets: 2000 yen on the door. No advance tickets are required but you can help Yune by making a reservation here.
Just enter: 1. Family name,   2. Given name (first name),   3. Email Address,   then press the button.

Yune in traditional yukata in an Edo period workshop


September 30th – NEO Festival Mini Cancelled due to typhoon

Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled due to a typhoon due to hit Tokyo on the day. Yune guests at a mini-festival in Tokyo mid-town. A full line-up of underground idols and idol units that will run most of the day. As usual you can meet Yune, have a chat and take a picture with her at the goods sales after her turn.

When: September 30th, 2018. The event begins at 11:00 and Yune will be on stage at 13:55, and her goods sales will start afterwards at 14:25 (go out of the right of the stage to get to the goods area). There is a full lineup of other idols, several of the acts before Yune are popular so you might want to arrive earlier. Don’t miss Yune on stage or at the goods!

Where: Pony Canyon, Tokyo (map)
The live is being held in the ground floor “event space” of a media company called Pony Canyon. It’s at a main crossroads near Toranomon station.

Tickets: 3000 yen if you make a reservation, 3500 yen on the door. Either way you must also buy one drink ticket on the door (500 yen).

You can make reservations on this page. Use translate in Chrome to read the page, it is fairly standard – you must register an email address, confirm it, then you can make a reservation. When reserving you must enter how many tickets and who you are supporting (Sakurai Yuune!). If this is too daunting, you can pay the slightly higher price on the door.



Some of the event descriptions above have a reservation link. Please use the correct one to help Yune and sometimes to save money. It is a simple form: 1. Family name, 2. Given name (first name), 3. Email address, and sometimes 4. Number of tickets required, then press the button.

Make the reservation at least 24 hours in advance. On the door say “Sakurai Yuune” and your name and then you will get the discounted rate if there is one. If you don’t have a reservation, say “tou-jitsu-ken” and “Sakurai Yuune”, to get a day ticket. Note that re-entry (leaving and coming back) is only allowed at venues where they stamp your hand or give you a wristband.


Yune sleeping in a Bohemian photoshoot