Mirei Hoshino and Yune Sakurai
Yune & Mirei

Update: Yune’s appearance time confirmed.

Mirei Hoshino is an elementary school solo idol, specialising in Babymetal covers. She has become friends with Yune Sakurai recently as they often appear at the same shows. Mirei will turn 11 shortly and will have a birthday live event on May 6th. She has invited Yune as one of the guests.

There will be five idols appearing at the event and there will certainly be a cake presentation and some gifts from the fans to Mirei on her birthday.


Event Details

When: May 6th, 2018. Doors open at 10:10. Start: 10:30.
Yune’s turn is from 11:15 – 11:35 (full schedule). There will be goods sales after the show (12:30), when you can meet Yune, Mirei and the other performers. It is scheduled to end at 14:00.

Where: Yotsuya Lotus, Tokyo
Near Yotsuya-Sanchome station, which is close to Shinjuku and easily reachable. The venue website has picture directions from the nearby stations. It’s downstairs from the street in the B1 floor.

Tickets: 2500 yen if you make a reservation, 3000 yen on the door. Either way you must also buy one drink ticket (600 yen).
To make a reservation send your send an email to hoshinomirei2017@gmail.com. Write “Birthday Live Reservation”, then write your nickname and how many people are coming (e.g. “1 ticket” if it is just yourself). Reservations will close soon.

You can photograph this event, but you can’t use flash and you can’t take movies. You can only take pictures from the sides or the back, leave the central and front area for fans not taking pictures.

Yune Sakurai Posing