Yune Sakurai singing with the audience cheeringHappy Birthday Yune!

May 9th is Yune’s birthday and she turned 10 today. To celebrate here’s a selection of Yune’s performances from the last year. As Yune is very fashionable, lets also look at the brands she was wearing! Thanks to the people who filmed these.


Spring 2018

At the end of April 2018, Yune performed at a special event for young solo singers. Against 13 other idols, she won “Best Performance” for this song.
Song: Welcome to Japari Park. Top, shoes: Earth Magic, shorts: Roni


She also performed later the same day.

Song: Daisuki (I love you). Dress: Banana Chips, shoes: Earth Magic

Song: Hatsukoi Cider (First Love Cider). A very popular song for idols everywhere. She gets some strange feedback on the last note somehow…


Earlier in April Yune took on a challenging Little Glee Monster Song: Towards Tomorrow
Clothes: Maid cosplay!


Winter 2017

Yune had several Christmas themed events. A good excuse to get the Santa outfits ready.
Song: How Far I’ll Go (Japanese lyrics). Dress: Mom


Autumn 2017

Song: Romantic Merry Mode. This became a signature song for Yune last year, with her fans performing the dance outrageously.
Dress: Angel’s Robe


Summer 2017

Yune was helped by her backing dancers from time to time this year. Here they were performing at a summer festival.
Song: Summer Time Love


Summer 2016

To finish off this selection, let’s go back another year: Yune’s first (?) video appearance at a live event. Already showing promise at just 8 years old, but her progress from then until now has been amazing. Let’s wish her the best for the year ahead!
Song: Secret Base (What you gave). Yukata: Angel’s Robe