Yune Sakurai – Profile

Yune during a photoshootYune Sakurai is an upcoming young singer, actress and idol from Japan. At only 13 years old (born May 9th 2008), she’s already a talented solo signer, has experience as a lead actress and has been a prize-winning child fashion model. She has frequent live performances, acts in film and theatre, broadcasts a regular live stream and models for photo-shoots and fashion labels. Yune has released one album and a few CD singles and appeared in large events overseas. She has also appeared in dance videos.

This site contains details of Yune’s appearances and events in English. It also guides you how to enjoy events in the Japanese “underground” idol scene, where lesser known and junior idols like Yune aim for the big time. If you are in Japan, please come and help support Yune towards her goal of becoming a famous singer.

Note: website is on pause during the coronavirus pandemic. But the English twitter account is always active with news and pictures.

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Career and Events

Yune has been performing at live events since June 2016, when she was 8 years old. She has always wanted to be a singer and is taking intensive vocal training. She also practices hip-hop dance and cheer leading so she can dance while she sings. Her vocal skills are improving very rapidly and she is known as the most skilful youngster on the idol scene.



September 23rd 2018, Shibuya Lotus
Yune often introduces herself during the songs and interacts with the audience.


Live Performances

Yune Sakura singing liveYune usually appears at idol events along with other upcoming idols and idol units.Each idol gets 10 to 30 minutes to sing. These shows are great value for money as you can watch many idols for one entry fee. Yune has events on most weekends and on holidays. This website gives you full details in English on how to get reservations and tickets, how to find the venues, and what language you’ll need.

Yune sings original songs, covers and anime tracks; upbeat tracks and ballads. She performs at idol events, jazz clubs and solo singer competitions. She has released two CDs (“Noukou Sweet“, “Sweet x Sweet My Candy“). Her vocal skill is well beyond her years, but she also creates all her own choreography and chooses her own set lists. She has never performed the same set list twice, performing over 70 songs in 2018 alone.

At most shows Yune runs a goods stand where you can buy signed pictures, towels badges, fans etc. You can also get a “cheki”, a small polaroid photograph with yourself and Yune, which she will sign. Yune is very smart and has a great sense of humor so meeting her is fun as well as cuteness overload.

You can buy some of Yune’s CDs and goods at the international goods store.


Live Streams

You can also watch Yune on her “Showroom” broadcasts, which are currently on Wednesdays at 19:30-20:00 Japan time. Showroom is a free streaming app for phone or PC where idols and other entertainers can interact with an audience.

Yune Sakurai delivering a "Showroom" live stream


Fashion Events and Photoshoots

Yune also does fashions shoots for well known brands in Japan such as Mezzo Piano Junior or Earth Magic, and she walks the runway at fashion events. In September 2017 she won Grand Prix in KIDS-TOKEI×mezzo piano contest. Then in October she won 2nd Grand Prix for her runway work in Tokyo Top Collection 2017.

Yune also does photo shoots open to the public from time to time, check the her English event schedules to see when she has a shoot coming up.

NOTE: Yune only does fashion and plain clothes modelling.

Yune Sakurai on the catwalk Yune posing at a event photoshoot Yune Modelling


Social Media and Other Work

The best way to keep up with Yune is on the English language Twitter account for this website. Yune herself is active on Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, her blog, and Japanese website. Obviously, you will need to read Japanese for the text, but there are plenty of pictures, as well as fun videos on Tik Tok.

Yune played a role in a film called Neko Cafe, and has also helped present an educational video on street dance.


“Taiyou no Season” – Season of the Sun, Namie Amuro

October 21st, 2018, Tokyo Idol Theater
Namie Amuro is Yune’s favourite singer. Yune choreographed this number herself based on Namie’s style of dancing.


How to say Yune Sakurai…

In Japanese Yune Sakurai is written 櫻井佑音 (or さくらいゆうね in hiragana) and it is spoken sakurai yuune (which sounds like sakuraee you-ne). It is normal just to call her yuune-chan. chan is an honorific of endearment normally used when speaking to girls and young women.

If you know Japanese you might wonder why her name on this site is written Yune instead of Yuune like it is in Japanese. That’s because the double ‘uu’ is not normal in English and Yune herself writes it this way in English.



Pictures of Yune at events and photo shoots.

Yune Sakurai at Christmas event Yuune Sakurai photoshoot Yune wearing yukata and holding a parasol

Yune posing for a photo

Yune pretending to sleep in a photoshoot Yune pointing to the camera while singing Yune wearing a white dress holding red flowers

Yune Sakurai modelling pink clothes